Disabled Parking Australia

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Disabled Parking Australia is unique in that the rules, location and time allowed for each state CBD occur in the one App. It is purpose built for those individuals who hold the blue Australian Disability Parking Permit. The app is now free (14/07/2015) and we are taking disabled parking locations from drivers all over Australia so we have an extensive database.

Check the rules for each state and territory (they are different!)
Check the parks on the map for time allowed and location
Be prepared before you park (ie how much money is needed?)
Find those disabled parks you never knew existed
Traveling interstate? All the information you need is in one App
Information provided to locate the park
Our data is reviewed and updated regularly
It helps to reduce your parking costs
On street and Car Park stations offering disability parking all included
Feedback welcome

All rules and parking locations have been included for each state except Western Australia, which will be released when available. Areas outside of each state CBD will now be added if you send in location of each disabled park.

Disclaimer – All information for the location of parking spaces has been obtained from relevant council public information, visiting the spaces in person or via mapping software.